Calloway Cook President Illuminate LabsCalloway Cook is the founder and President of Illuminate Labs.
He started this company as a frustrated consumer of dietary supplements. Calloway was taking supplements to alleviate high blood pressure, but couldn't get a single company to send an up-to-date test result of the product they were selling. He was concerned with the purity of the products he was consuming daily. After hearing many people online and in-person voicing the same concerns, he decided to launch Illuminate Labs as the solution to the transparency and safety issues in the dietary supplements industry.
Bryn Sachedo Illuminate Labs Scientific AdvisorBryn Sachdeo PhD is the Scientific Advisor to Illuminate Labs.
She holds a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry & Physiology, and she's published five research papers in respected scientific journals. Bryn received her PhD from Rutgers University, and is an instructor of Advanced Nutrition at Columbia University. Her role with Illuminate Labs is to review new formulations for efficacy, and website content for scientific accuracy.

Our Testing Laboratory

Rolando Boye Illuminate Labs Lab Manager
Rolando Boye is the Laboratory Manager at the U.S. Botanical Safety Laboratory.
He oversees the testing of Illuminate Labs supplements. Rolando helped Illuminate Labs develop the analytical methods to determine the potency and purity of our supplements. He's been working at this laboratory for over three years. Rolando's mission is to improve the integrity of the natural products industry as a whole. In his spare time, Rolando manages an organic farm where he and his wife grow a variety of vegetables and medicinal herbs.
Morgan Tompkins Illuminate Labs Director of QualityMorgan Tompkins is the Director of Quality at the U.S. Botanical Safety Laboratory
She directly manages the testing of Illuminate Labs supplements. Her role is to ensure that the test results meet the strict European Union benchmarks before we sell our supplements. Morgan developed her passion for science and biology working as a Field Researcher for the Gulf of Maine Research Institute in high school.